Gregory Wheeler

Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Adickesallee 32-34
60322 Frankfurt am Main
PhD, Philosophy & Computer Science
University of Rochester

I am Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Director of the Centre for Human and Machine Intelligence (HMI). My research addresses topics in philosophy, artificial intelligence, statistics, and cognitive science that involve judgment and decision making under conditions of uncertainty.

Selected Articles

  • Less is more for Bayesians, too
    Routledge Handbook on Bounded Rationality, New York: Routledge, forthcoming
    [ bib| preprint]

  • Bounded Rationality
    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Winter 2018 Edition.
    [bib| link]

  • Machine Epistemology and Big Data
    The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Social Science, New York: Routledge, pp.321–329, 2017
    [ bib| preprint]

  • Resolving Peer Disagreements Through Imprecise Probabilities (w/ Lee Elkin)
    Noûs 52(2): 260–94, 2018.
    [abstract| bib| preprint]

  • Scoring Imprecise Credences: A Mildly Immodest Proposal (w/ Conor Mayo-Wilson)
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 93(1): 55–78, 2016.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]

  • Dilation, Disintegrations, and Delayed Decisions (w/ Arthur Paul Pedersen)
    Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications (ISIPTA 2015), Pescara, Italy: 227–236, 2015.
    [abstract| bib| preprint]

  • Is there a Logic of Information?
    Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 27(1), 95–98, 2015.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]
    —— See also "Logic for Lunatics," Choice and Inference, August 20, 2013, [url]

  • Demystifying Dilation (w/ Arthur Paul Pedersen)
    Erkenntnis 79(6), 1305–42, 2014.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]

  • Coherence and Confirmation Through Causation (w/ Richard Scheines)
    Mind 122(435), 135–70, 2013.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]

  • Objective Bayesian Calibration and the Problem of Non-convex Evidence
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 63(4), 841–850, 2012.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]

  • Why the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever Cannot be Solved in Less Than Three Questions (w/ Pedro Barahona)
    Journal of Philosophical Logic 41(1), 493–503, 2012.
    [bib| preprint| journal]
    —— Featured in New Scientist, December 2012.

  • Focused Correlation and Confirmation
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 60(1), 79–100, 2009.
    [abstract| bib| preprint| journal]

  • A complete archive of my papers may be found here.